Many swinging couples will have family with children and would like to take them on vacation too, but worry that swinger’s resorts either doesn't welcome them and that if they do allow them no activities will amuse them.

Many swingers’ resorts owner realize this need and have made special arrangement for swinging couples to bring their children along. Children at swingers’ resorts are 100% safe. Those resorts who allow children are very family oriented and clubs within the resort usually have security measures in place such as photo ID and membership in a national association to protect their guest’s children. This does not mean that as a parent you don't have to look after your children.

Swinging couples who bring their children on vacation should not worry that they will get bore. Most resort that caters for children will operate a “kids clubs” where resort staff members will not only look after your children while you have fun and enjoy, but also provide them with fun kids’ things and activities to keep them occupy.

As most adult activities are during the evening, parents need not worry that their children will see or find out as they will be sound asleep. Staff members and security personal will also make sure that children will not wonder around during these times. So while the parent have a fun fill vacation so will the kids.


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